The minimally invasive surgery becomes more important worldwide. Meanwhile, 40% of all operations are performed in specialized practices and clinics with the use of this method. The hospital stay only lasts a few hours in case of minimally invasive operations. Tissue is not damaged, less pain is caused and healing accelerated. Since affected organs are mostly protected, the after effects are less severe.

The operative endoscopy is characterized by non-use of the classical scalpel. Instead, laser and ultrasound techniques are applied. The use of the endoscope makes it possible to treat even inaccessible areas of the body. Simultaneous recording of the operation with the help of video provides more security for the patient and allows the surgeon to exercise exact control over the operation. Thereby, in our clinic, we only use the most advanced technologies, for example, the integrated operating room “OR1” of the world’s leading medical technology company Karl Stolz. It is also appreciated by our closest partners – specialist physicians and family physicians recommending our clinic. They are convinced that the referral to the Day Care Clinic MedNord is the best-possible decision for their patient.